Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unshattered spirit and zest to life

I am back from my Christmas vacation and i got this real nice realization....
Life had been really hard back in my province. The effects of the recent typhoons can really be felt by almost all. Electricity was there but from time to time we would have none. But amidst all the inconveniences that we suffered there still the zest for life of all these hard striken people of my province is unfathomable in a positive sense as they sure know how to go on with their lives as if nothing disastrous had happened. Their appreciation to life is extremely encouraging. Their ability to cope with life is commendable. I am glad that I am one of them. If not I guess I would be this person that I am now. As the koreanovela line says "adja" bicolanos we will emerge winners as our spirits had not been shattered to pieces. Lets all be well and be blessed. :D


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