Sunday, March 18, 2007

a memory of me

I hate Sundays! Deng this is the day where I am in touch of me, but this is also the day that just let me slip unto somebody else which is not me. Little by little I find myself being consumed by this feeling of emptiness. I am pretty much aware where this emptiness is coming from but this is something that I can’t do about right now. I need to be more patient and tolerant of all the things that are passing me by. Everything is in process now but I am just too grumpy to even wait. Yeah, that’s me now, uh uh. And I am becoming less of a person that I am. My hubby had complained once already… I am too crabby, I easily get annoyed and I am not that person. I used to be a happy, light hearted person with a sunny disposition. Now I am becoming somebody which is vaguely familiar to me neither to my family. Goodness! I need to redirect myself and get all the better of me before I become somebody who’d everyone would be terrified to be spending their entire life with me. I wish i could be just like this pc. Where you could press F5 so i could refresh me. Nor click on the recycle bin and flush all the bad things I've save in me. Arggghh, i wish i wish the wish i wish i wish....


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