Sunday, March 11, 2007

"felix culpa"

"felix culpa" or fortunate error:
i am contemplating much about what I had become as a person and i came to terms with the errors i made in my life. It may seemed so unbearable to most people but for me it had become a fortunate error as it had made me a better person and a happier one at that :). Many had been said and done and i am standing tall, still optimistic with life. Broken yet hopeful. Wrecked yet buoyant to life's bedlam. As i listened to the priest homily today i can't help my tears trickle down. Don't get me wrong it was not because i am too repentant of my errors but because i feel that I am too fortunate to have my family. God had blessed me with smart kids, understanding and caring and a husband who's supportive, funny and with an overflowing love to give. I cried because last sunday he was beside me hearing mass now we are half world apart :(. But then again, this is life so we must live with it.


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