Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nonsensical me but that's just me

My spirit finds lushness in it's absurdity, i get to appreciate the beauty of life in my most ludicrous moments. It is on those times that I get to stop and renew my ties with myself. Then, by so doing I begin to appreciate everything that I have in my life.
Oftentimes when I grumble and start to complain it is during that time that I get in touch with the silly me. Dang! it easily pushes me to become a better person. It lets me get a peek of the different side of me. Ha ha ha... i am not sure if I am getting my message across. Well its as simple as "when my soul hungers for love, attention and acceptance my less rational side outposts and shields me from harm." So when i am to hard to understand and too fickle minded to anything... smile as I am in the process of becoming a better me. Heheheheh...


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