Saturday, January 20, 2007


a word that sure caught my attention. Not because I haven't encountered it nor I doubted that there is such this word but because of its meaning. "Individuation is a term for the lifelong process of becoming an individual" Of course, there's nothing fussy about it as we indeed all go through a certain course of discovery for the individual that we are but when it is associated to marriage i was taken aback... paused and mulled over. As I was made to believe that marriage is a union of two souls ...a union that binds two souls into one. If so, what is individuation doing in marriage? why would we let our individuality come between our married life? Where does submission lies now in marriage? Isn't it allowing your selves to go through the individuation process already jeopardizes your union? I am still now able to comprehend much of how this individuation would walk me through to my chosen life. One thing for sure is that, it would make me on guard to more possibilities there is.


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