Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing ithought

but i was dead wrong many things are noteworthy today... hefty i would say. Goodness! I almost had this text message from my bebeh deleted... "malayo ka babe but wen ur online, u simd 2 b bit closer, now ang layo layo mo, i miss u:( lov u. ako 22log na. ingat kyo plagi." 'aw i got this message on Christmas eve and it just made me shed tears. In an hour i will be offline again as I will spend the new year at my in laws house. In less than 24 hours 2007 will be officially here and i won't be online to great my bebeh a prosperous year of the pig... so giving him a greeting now will be one significant thing to do now. . . Happy New Year Babe! Love you and miss you so much!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Unshattered spirit and zest to life

I am back from my Christmas vacation and i got this real nice realization....
Life had been really hard back in my province. The effects of the recent typhoons can really be felt by almost all. Electricity was there but from time to time we would have none. But amidst all the inconveniences that we suffered there still the zest for life of all these hard striken people of my province is unfathomable in a positive sense as they sure know how to go on with their lives as if nothing disastrous had happened. Their appreciation to life is extremely encouraging. Their ability to cope with life is commendable. I am glad that I am one of them. If not I guess I would be this person that I am now. As the koreanovela line says "adja" bicolanos we will emerge winners as our spirits had not been shattered to pieces. Lets all be well and be blessed. :D

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Break in an outskirt

But that outskirt is my birthplace so i rather be there and spend the holidays with my kins... our ride will leave in five (5) hours. Von voyage to me and Jamie :) We will be leaving a number of Christmas Parties and great city festivities but our trip will be hell worth it. Though two devastating typhoons hit my province many of my kins sure had not been pushed down to the pit. I am positive that we still are all going to spend christmas with great delights... i just hope electricity had been up and going back there.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006 to party

Yep, we had fun at the pre- elementary christmas program, the kids were all hip and did very well in their numbers. Their 'Panuluyan' play was great. I believe they had instilled the value of sharing to the kids through the said play. I personally enjoyed watching jamie (bat op kors!, hu wud do so!) do her numbers as i didn't know that she'll be doing those things. It was the first time she did something at school that she didn't tell me about. I guess the christmas rush had all for it to blame. We are always busy and tired when we are home so she got no time to make stories of what she had accomplished at school. The secrecy of her number just made me so thrilled to see he digging her moves. :)) I was one of the many proud parents at the auditorium. After the program we headed to their classroom and since it was past 1:00 o'clock already. The lunch had been one busy session for all of us. We went home at around 2:30 p.m. still without tita janet in the house. Deng! she had travelled for almost 23 hrs ! she was explainably exhausted . Darryl was just so happy to see us all back in the house. We said goodnights just an hour ago. So I got the chance to blah now. Jamie is still awake and watching Blue's Clues.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Party with parents

Today is supposedly a feel good day for me. Since I will be spending a Christmas get together with my fellow parents at Jamie's school. Plans had been made and ironed out since last week, but...but things didn't turn out the way i planned it. And that is because 1) my sister went home to bicol to fix some of her papers yesterday, thus, her 1 & 4 months old son is under my care. Since darryl, my nephew, is no stranger to most of the parents it was cool to tag him along to my party. But the worst thing that happened this day was when the caterer where i ordered my lasagna forgot to make one for this occasion. So can just imagine how disappointed i was. Good thing my ever dependable ate amor was already around so i was able to ask her to order for a lasagna at Greenwich in SM Fairview. The supposedly lunch serve was moved to merienda fete.
Though things turned out to be this way, things went on alls well.
Thanks goodness! :))
We also went to a birthday party. Jamie and Darry were really happy and tired. I left the house though open. Good thing there was no electricity in the area until the time we went home so no one notices that my house was open :(. And when the electricity came back, Janet's sis-in-law was already around. So nothing bad happened to my house. Harry, darryl's dad went home earlier than us and was worried sick where we are so he went to teresa hts looking for us. We were in the house when he arrived. :P sorry tito harry if we made you worry. ..
it's almost midnight and i got to be up early tomorrow for jamie's christmas party. I still have to fry 100 pcs lumpiang shanghai! Wish me good health babe... am getting real bushed, huh!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

early stroll at baywalk....

we got the chance to be at baywalk when fog still envelopes the white yacth amids the vast ocean. we were there when the sun slowly unfolds its beauty in the early morn
we were there when the minuscule feathery white waves smashed the sea wall
we were there when some many fellows dive and dip in the ocean (was it clean i guess it wasn't an issue with them)
we were there when a group of men and women, young and old do some aerobics and belly dancing
we were there when all the taho vendors were smiling knowing that they had made a good sale
we were there to witness the small pleasures that a lot of us missed when we are to engaged with work....
oh! all these simple things available for free are the hardest to obtain only when we chose not to attain... to top it all....
we were there to let jamie and darryl behold the magnificent view of the day starting right in front of us... :)
BTW, today is ate dawn's 18th bday and she opted to go home to bicol rather than celebrate it here...:(

Friday, December 15, 2006

a decent sleep is all i need for now....

i wanted to blah much tonight but my thoughts just kept going in circles that i can't do much productive thing right now. So am gonna hit the sack and get back at this right after i get to hold back on to my senses.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

at the Airport in the wee hour

We were at the international airport as early as 2 a.m.. We left the house at around 1:15 a.m. Then at 2:35 we went to the domestic airport at the centennial one since my youngest brother is flying to Davao. we arrived home at around 3:45 a.m. i got a few hours of sleep and at 9:30 a. m. i started my day again. Tiring, wearing, taxing day was it for me...whoosh!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Down with Asthma

jamie once again didn't make it to school. She hardly moves as she suffers from shortness of breathe. We went to medical city at SM Fairview to have her checked. But the clinic was jampacked with sick kids. And our pedia had her patient's list cut off on number 37. We were number 38. So we drove back home and texted her instead. She advised us to give Jamie nebulization every six hours and had her lots of fluid intake. She hopes to see us on her next schedule at TMC. That would be on wednesday. Jamie is asleep already and will be awaken in an hour to have her ventolin nebule. Aaahhh... i'm getting tired ... but i got no choice... :(

Friday, December 8, 2006

Holiday of Obligation

We went to church to hear mass. :) Jamie had asked me to do so since her teacher tells her so. We went with her two cousins in Teresa Hts. after the mass we passed by her Ninang Joy's house to greet Joy's dad, Lolo Rady a happy birthday. We ate and sang and had a long time chewing some fats...hehehehe. Jamie sang the alphabeth song and got a 98% score she had beaten me that night as i only got 96% when i dig the dancing queen song. Cool night, huh! Now am managing a site that bugs me too much to quit my wits....nobody...gggrrrrrr.......

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Aww... school activities are pilling up...typhoon reming had real bad kick

yep... you read it right, school lessons, activities are heaping on jamie and mine's desk. Since we don't have classes again on Friday, December 8, 2006 in reverence to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
Typhoon Reming had kick much of our kababayans in bicol. I didn't give so much attention on this unti i saw on TV the extent of the damage this typhoon had left in Albay. My heart froze and my tears trickled as i see how many people suffered much from this typhoon.
May this mishap be a channel for us to strengthened our faith to our creator. And make us all a better person.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Holiday + friday = long weekend!!!

We woke up real late today since we got no school in lieu of yesterday's celebartion of Bonifacio Day! After long hours of sleep jamie and i decided to sweep the dry lives outside while darryl ran around. It was past 11:00 when we did our sweeping. :) It wasn't so hot the weather was then windy and cloudy so everythings cool. We ate our lunch a little past 2pm. And after our lunch we visited jamie's pedia to have the request for an x-ray be served. jamie was cool with the x-ray and was smiling and posing while being taken a shot.