Thursday, November 30, 2006

Silky smut

Tehihihihi...sometimes you do some stupid stuff just for the sheer stupidity stucked in your senses. I did one silky smut today, i say silky because i really didn't notice it...smut because i know it's one thing that should not be done as it has no excuse of whatsoever. Anyway, i went to buy some 'kiats' (small real small oranges) just across our subdivision. We had a small wet market in there *wink* Infront was a fruit stand. I handed over 500 peso bill to pay for the 2kls of kiats at 70 pesos per kilo. Ergo, i get to have a 360 change. When i went to the car i placed my change on the passenger's seat and noticed that i got four one hundred bills. So i readily went back to the fruit stand to give back the excess change the old lady handed me. Feeling greatful, she handed me an orange and thank me for being so honest. I was elated then.... until i reach home... my sister asked me if i was able to buy some smoked fish... then i realized the extra 100 bill on the seat was actually still my money so i had an orange for 100 peso bill. Stupid me...but that's one mistake i got so shy to undo! :((

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Freaky Friday....

an SUV nearly hit my car! traffic jam had been draining my patience and pushing me to the edge. I was jumpy then when this 'Fortuner' nearly hit my bumper in an intersection. Good thing my brake was in good condition so i was in a full stop before our cars kiss each other. But Jamie fell off the seat and hit her head. She cried and was cursing me for making her tripped off. I just didn't mind her and drove off as if nothing happened. Although, i see the other car's driver killing look as if it was my fault. Deng! i was on the right lane and was with the flow he was the one in a hurry for crying out loud! driving really is not my cup of tea!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hush…. The world stood still….

Let’s get ready to rumble….

So the commentator say…

And I butted in and relay

Pacquiao is the man

He entered the ring

With a real match to ping

No nonse buddy

But he was there

to take no easy

The punch he

readily gave in

Without qualms

doubts nor fear….

Ultimately, bell rings

Indeed! Yes, pacquiao

is the man! Mabuhay Pilipinas!!!

After a day’s hardwork….

I wanted to be sheltered by my pillows and be lulled to sleep by my homey bed but it isn’t the scene that came about as we drove ourselves to Mall of Asia for our ( Janet’s & I) B-day celebration. We crammed ourselves, all twelve of us in the van. We were caught in a huge traffic jam in Katipunan making us be on the road for almost three hours. Good thing that we were able to buy some Japanese sweet corn. That made me lose track of time. When we arrived at the mall we readily looked for a place to dine and we ended at Chef d’ Angelo. Before I can even order my food I spotted an elementary classmate of mine with three of my high school classmates. Hence, I of course joined them and we went to Shakey’s to chit-chat and catch up with the time we’ve lost. Tin, my buddy from high school whom I have not met for almost twenty years had really taken me in awe! Nevertheless, that awe is tantamount to me being happy for her. It was a long day for all of us. After my siblings watched “Casino Royale” which I let passed for my old chums. We dined at a posh resto facing the Bayview area and ate a rather not so tasty cuisine and expensive ones too. We placed an X to this dining place as we vowed never to be back again in there.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life is what we make it!

Yay! too profound title for a person like me who loved to watch life pass me by. Actually there isn’t much in the heading it’s just a header for me to get a foot on what I wanted to squeeze out of my delirious mind. I am freakin drowsy as I had had no decent sleep yet since yesterday and to consider it was my B-day, I had to delete not only hundreds of spam mails but three thousand of it to preempt possible server downtime. Boy! we had been experiencing erratic failure in connection for the past three days and hell yeah! clients are not happy about it. But that’s what life is. Every difficulty is there to ensure that we are still afloat and in control of matters that we would want to be good at. And when you finally do get the hang of what you are doing you finally realize that hardship is actually all in the mind. And there are one thousand and one ways to deal with the knotty way of life. All’s well now… new learning had set foot in and I get a teeny information in server side management! Wow! now am getting more engage in the virtual world. :P

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Feeling of Unfamiliarity

I had never been the person that I am today, I guess the long distance relationship that I kept and valued most made me evolved into the person that I am now. That’s where the unfamiliarity sets in…i pause and check on myself and say “ikaw ba ito?” (is this really you?). But, yeah this is me… I learned the art of compromising, I deter myself to feel coy. I harnessed a lot of will power and strength of character. Being far from the person that values you more than his life made me work on being whole as a person on my own. Yes! I marvel this unfamiliarity that eats up my self wholly. In retrospect, this change is actually a welcome flog! And I am pining for the time where we could ultimately share each others time physically. Communication may be available virtually it still matters most to have each other available physically. Nevermind if there will be petty fights every now and then as long as we are together. Oh yes! am loving the familiar feeling of unfamiliarity! Whooshhhhh.... am i making sense?*sigh* whatever.@#&%!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Failure is Success!

Failure is an underlying fact that tests how we are to go about life. Oftentimes, we mistake failure as an atrocity that makes our life harder to deal with. Subsequently, when failure sets in we aggravate matter and make life even harder. But come to think of it. No great man had become such without first passing through failure. Hmm, an example that I can think about right now and taking into consideration the modernity of the said subject, I am citing Manny Pacquiao. Who? Him? A failure, you may say or even raise your browse on me. He is amking millions on his punches for heaven’s sake! More so, he is Pacman but he was never “the pacman” we know now say ten years ago. He was once a struggling boxer who had been faced with a lot of failures. But, because he was able to deal with failures differently from most of us do. He is the man he is now. Failure, you see is an opportunity to do better… an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to get going even when the tough is hitting straight unto you. It is in failing that we pause and take some respite. We only miss opportunities when we settle to the failure itself and fall short learning from it. I still flip and flop at times but when this dud hits me hard. I leap hard enough for me to be in control of what’s current and promptly assert what can be done. The answer may not be there right away, but the spirit of fighting back had not parried. It is in learning that we get going and in failing that we are experiencing life.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Life isn't fair....

Yeah…life isn’t at all fair…. Why can’t be my daughter just be like everyone else. That’s one dense question I always plunk in my head whenever I am be faced with situations that I can’t do any better than be an onlooker. And being as such just eschew me from being the “I need to be this person thing”! So much so if it involves my daughter… she had been miserable for days now due to her asthma. While all her classmates are at school enjoying their foundation week and their’ being a pupil, my daughter is wretched like wilting flower in bed doing nothing but nebulizing and vaporizing and bailing her out from the cruelty of being ill. But then again, when I think about the other kids who might be on the same fate as her but doesn’t have enough finances to sustain for their medications I am taken aback and I feel ashamed of myself. In fact, I should be grateful that though Jamie is asthmatic I have a few cents to spare for her medications. Gosh! What am I yapping about! God is good I know… he has his reasons why my precious child has to suffer this infirmity. He will soon make her well, I know. God just wants to let her be pounded hard for her to be the person he would like her to become. And in effect, God is teaching me values that would make me the person he wants me to become. Indeed, failures give us light to narrow down our vision towards ourselves so that we may be enlightened with what he wants for us. For the sick days that my daughter was… thank you for the strength and the presence of mind. Thank you for the time allotted to us to bind and be available for each other. Thank you for being in the midst of us.

Need I still make more grouse…. Nah…never

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Whew! I thought i lost my username

I was whoosing to get on with my arrested writing stint since i really did got bored with writing when suddenly i failed to remember my username. Dang! this shift, it made me felt writing is getting back at me.LOL! At the time i don't wanna write i fully knew what my password and username was. Now that i am itching to drop a line or two i somehow lost my memory on how i could get in to my dashboard. Oh holy crap am doomed! Good thing that insisted on getting in thus, blogger let me get into my account. Thanks to their tech support am now on my way to tattle. Ciao

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blog death!!!

Hell yeah, this is quite eerie but who cares I really suffered from a head on collision blog death. I just lost interest in writing. I felt I have nothing to write or to rant about. I suffered seriously from a broken pen, a tore thoughts and a “I don’t know what to write stuff”. My hands froze… my mind suffered from thoughts arrest and I simply slip into nothingness. Although I had been told a hundred times that I can monetize my blog yet it didn’t sink in to me. It didn’t bring any spark on me. I just freaking lost my interest in sharing my world to everyone. Now, I am zooming to start a new. Get on the plucky path of creating librettos that could make me be visible online once again and because of this… I say Hello World!!! I am here to stay for good.