Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Party...party...come to party...party party

Yep, we had fun at the pre- elementary christmas program, the kids were all hip and did very well in their numbers. Their 'Panuluyan' play was great. I believe they had instilled the value of sharing to the kids through the said play. I personally enjoyed watching jamie (bat op kors!, hu wud do so!) do her numbers as i didn't know that she'll be doing those things. It was the first time she did something at school that she didn't tell me about. I guess the christmas rush had all for it to blame. We are always busy and tired when we are home so she got no time to make stories of what she had accomplished at school. The secrecy of her number just made me so thrilled to see he digging her moves. :)) I was one of the many proud parents at the auditorium. After the program we headed to their classroom and since it was past 1:00 o'clock already. The lunch had been one busy session for all of us. We went home at around 2:30 p.m. still without tita janet in the house. Deng! she had travelled for almost 23 hrs ! she was explainably exhausted . Darryl was just so happy to see us all back in the house. We said goodnights just an hour ago. So I got the chance to blah now. Jamie is still awake and watching Blue's Clues.


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