Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing ithought

but i was dead wrong many things are noteworthy today... hefty i would say. Goodness! I almost had this text message from my bebeh deleted... "malayo ka babe but wen ur online, u simd 2 b bit closer, now ang layo layo mo, i miss u:( lov u. ako 22log na. ingat kyo plagi." 'aw i got this message on Christmas eve and it just made me shed tears. In an hour i will be offline again as I will spend the new year at my in laws house. In less than 24 hours 2007 will be officially here and i won't be online to great my bebeh a prosperous year of the pig... so giving him a greeting now will be one significant thing to do now. . . Happy New Year Babe! Love you and miss you so much!


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