Sunday, December 17, 2006

early stroll at baywalk....

we got the chance to be at baywalk when fog still envelopes the white yacth amids the vast ocean. we were there when the sun slowly unfolds its beauty in the early morn
we were there when the minuscule feathery white waves smashed the sea wall
we were there when some many fellows dive and dip in the ocean (was it clean i guess it wasn't an issue with them)
we were there when a group of men and women, young and old do some aerobics and belly dancing
we were there when all the taho vendors were smiling knowing that they had made a good sale
we were there to witness the small pleasures that a lot of us missed when we are to engaged with work....
oh! all these simple things available for free are the hardest to obtain only when we chose not to attain... to top it all....
we were there to let jamie and darryl behold the magnificent view of the day starting right in front of us... :)
BTW, today is ate dawn's 18th bday and she opted to go home to bicol rather than celebrate it here...:(


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