Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Party with parents

Today is supposedly a feel good day for me. Since I will be spending a Christmas get together with my fellow parents at Jamie's school. Plans had been made and ironed out since last week, but...but things didn't turn out the way i planned it. And that is because 1) my sister went home to bicol to fix some of her papers yesterday, thus, her 1 & 4 months old son is under my care. Since darryl, my nephew, is no stranger to most of the parents it was cool to tag him along to my party. But the worst thing that happened this day was when the caterer where i ordered my lasagna forgot to make one for this occasion. So can just imagine how disappointed i was. Good thing my ever dependable ate amor was already around so i was able to ask her to order for a lasagna at Greenwich in SM Fairview. The supposedly lunch serve was moved to merienda fete.
Though things turned out to be this way, things went on alls well.
Thanks goodness! :))
We also went to a birthday party. Jamie and Darry were really happy and tired. I left the house though open. Good thing there was no electricity in the area until the time we went home so no one notices that my house was open :(. And when the electricity came back, Janet's sis-in-law was already around. So nothing bad happened to my house. Harry, darryl's dad went home earlier than us and was worried sick where we are so he went to teresa hts looking for us. We were in the house when he arrived. :P sorry tito harry if we made you worry. ..
it's almost midnight and i got to be up early tomorrow for jamie's christmas party. I still have to fry 100 pcs lumpiang shanghai! Wish me good health babe... am getting real bushed, huh!


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