Sunday, November 19, 2006

After a day’s hardwork….

I wanted to be sheltered by my pillows and be lulled to sleep by my homey bed but it isn’t the scene that came about as we drove ourselves to Mall of Asia for our ( Janet’s & I) B-day celebration. We crammed ourselves, all twelve of us in the van. We were caught in a huge traffic jam in Katipunan making us be on the road for almost three hours. Good thing that we were able to buy some Japanese sweet corn. That made me lose track of time. When we arrived at the mall we readily looked for a place to dine and we ended at Chef d’ Angelo. Before I can even order my food I spotted an elementary classmate of mine with three of my high school classmates. Hence, I of course joined them and we went to Shakey’s to chit-chat and catch up with the time we’ve lost. Tin, my buddy from high school whom I have not met for almost twenty years had really taken me in awe! Nevertheless, that awe is tantamount to me being happy for her. It was a long day for all of us. After my siblings watched “Casino Royale” which I let passed for my old chums. We dined at a posh resto facing the Bayview area and ate a rather not so tasty cuisine and expensive ones too. We placed an X to this dining place as we vowed never to be back again in there.


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